Zeromectin Pour-On

Zeromectin Pour-On

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Zeromectin Pour-on for Beef and Dairy Cattle is an oil based pour-on used for the treatment of and control of gastro-intestinal worms (including inhibited Ostrtagia ostertagia and Cooperia spp.), lungworms, warbles, sucking and biting lice, chorioptic and sarcoptic mange mites in beef and dairy cattle. Zeromectin P.

Active Ingredient: Eprinomectin

Target Species: Cattle

Treats and Controls: Warbles, lungworm, sucking and biting lice, mange mites and hornfly

Administration Method: Pour-On

Withdrawal Time: 28 days for cattle intended for meat and offal, there is NO withdrawal time for cattle producing milk for human consumption.

Dosage: 1 ml per 10 kg of bodyweight.

Body Weight Dose Volume Number of full doses per pack:
5 Litre
50kg 5 ml 1000
100kg 10 ml 500
150kg 15 ml 333
200kg 20 ml 250
250kg 25 ml 200
300kg 30 ml 166
350kg 35 ml 142
400kg 40 ml 125
450kg 45 ml 111
500kg 50 ml 100
550kg 55 ml 90
600kg 60 ml 83