Rezult Stimulate

Rezult Stimulate

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Rezult Stimulate is a natural complementary feed that is suitable for cattle, sheep, goats and young farm animals. Rezult Stimulate is designed to promote a healthy rumen and gastro intestinal tract by stimulating the development of flora and healthy bacteria in the rumen. Rezult Stimulate can be purchased in single sachets of 100g, or in packs of 24 sachets.



Synthetic rumen concentrate fermented in vitro 1.5%
Methionine 2.4%
Vitamin A 40,000 i.u.
Vitamin D 8,000 i.u.
Cobalt Sulphate 0.1%
Disodium Phosphate 7.0%
Dried Yeast 15%
Casein 10%
Lactose 12%
Glucose  5.0%
Starch to make 100%


Features of Rezult Stimulate

  • Replaces nutrients
  • Natural product,
  • Safe and non-toxic. 
  • Can be mixed in the feed
  • Or shake up the dose of powder in milk or water and administer as a drench