Panatec Rumen Proof  (6kg)

Panatec Rumen Proof (6kg)

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Rumen Proof Panatec 6kg

Parlour pack 6kg.

Microencapsulation for direct dairy nut/coarse ration feed.

Panatec is a novel, non antibiotic, platform technology developed in cooperation with the National University of Ireland. Mayo Healthcare have developed this new technology as a first generation feed supplement with a wide variety of beneficial uses in food producing animals.

Rumen Proof is a first generation feed supplement for dairy cows, it is fast acting and used to reduce the risk of Acidosis which is a cause for reduced yield, poor feed conversion, energy deficits and Lameness.

For direct feed (Nut/Ration)
Parlour feed pack.
TMR feed pack.


Format – powder
Pack size – 6kg parlour pack and 20kg tmr pack
Category – dairy cows
For use with – dairy cows


The Transition period for dairy cows and the commencement of the breeding season are peak time of the calendar year for metabolic stress in dairy cows, often cows are in negative energy balance and/or in metabolic acidosis, which leads to a knock on effect of poor fertility and lower milk yield due to poor rumen function.
Additionally, given that rumen health is the main driver of immunity in cows the risk of immunosuppression increases during these stress periods.

Feeding Rumen Proof addresses these challenges in dairy cows by Regulating Rumen PH to control acidosis and increase energy levels at the same time.


10 grams per cow per day through a parlour feed system.
50 grams per day through a TMR diet.
Microencapsulation though the dairy nut/coarse ration.