Omnipro-calf milk replacer 25kg

Omnipro-calf milk replacer 25kg

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Omni ProCalf combines a quality calf milk replacer with OmniGen AF, a unique nutritional speciality product that helps calves maintain an optimally functioning immune system, especially under stress.

Omni ProCalf helps calf health

Omni ProCalf with OmniGen AF works by increasing levels of L-selectin, a molecule that helps the neutrophils receive the necessary signals and move quickly to the point of infection to fight pathogens. During stress, L-selectin levels decline, and this is one of the reasons immunity is naturally suppressed during any stressful event such as weaning.

By counteracting the negative impact of stress on immunity, Omni ProCalf supports the calf’s natural immune defences and makes calves less vulnerable to disease which can reduce health events and improve productivity.

In addition to combating the negative immunity impacts of stress, OmniGen AF can help minimise the immunity gap calves experience.

OmniGen AF fed to mature, dry dairy cows can increase the antibody content in colostrum, which can improve the passive immunity of the calf. Omni ProCalf fed to the newborn calf can help improve acquired immunity development. The combination of beneficial effects from OmniGen® AF fed to the dry dairy cow and Omni ProCalf fed to the neonatal calf can result in a reduced immunity gap, protecting calves from disease (Fig. 1).

Omni ProCalf improves calf health by:

  • Reducing the negative impact of stress on the immune system;
  • Narrowing the immunity gap in calves;
  • Providing quality milk replacer nutrition to the calf (Fig. 3).
Crude Protein 23.0%
Crude Fat 18.5%
Crude Fibre 0%
Crude Ash 8.5%
Sodium 0.82%
Vitamin A 25,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 7,500 IU/kg
Vitamin E 300mg/kg
OmniGen Bentonite, 1m558i 10.4g/kg
OmniGen Kiselgur E551c 4g/kg

Proven results

Over 1,100 university, research, and field studies have been published demonstrating the benefits of OmniGen AF.

A study in New York evaluated growth rates in Holstein heifers fed OmniGen AF with milk replacer from birth to four months of age. OmniGen AF resulted in a daily live weight gain 12.5% higher than the group that was not fed the supplement, and these results can have a far-reaching impact on a dairy farm (Fig 4).

Daily gain (kg) Omnigen AF Control Difference
Post-weaning 1.3 1.23 5.7%
Birth to four months 0.9 0.8 12.5%
Fig 4: Daily liveweight gains in calves fed OmniGen AF from birth to four months of age

In a Cornell study, for every 1kg of pre-weaning average daily gain, heifers, on average, produced 850kg more milk during their first lactation.

A trial in Pennsylvania with 200 Holstein bull calves found calves fed OmniGen AF had fewer health issues than the group that was not fed the supplement. This resulted in a 43% reduction in medicine use (Fig. 5).

Omnigen AF Control
Number of treatments/calf 0.4 0.6
Treatment cost (€ per calf) 1.42 2.34

With new legislation prompting restrictions of antimicrobial use, Omni ProCalf can help farmers save money on treatments and reduce medicine use on the farm.

Omni ProCalf provides pre-weaned calves with a high-quality, whey-based milk replacer conveniently blended with OmniGen AF nutrition speciality product. Calves will receive optimal nutrition in addition to a scientifically researched product proven to help calves maintain a healthy immune system, optimise daily live weight gains, and reduce medicine use.

Friesian dairy farmer very impressed with OmniProCalf