Neofenol Starter (30 calves) 250ml

Neofenol Starter (30 calves) 250ml

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Neofenol Starter is a product based on plant genes to promote intestinal health. The Neofenol Starter products consist of a number of polyphenols such as carvacrol, thymol, anethole, eugenol, and limonene. It has been proven that these active substances have antimicrobial and antioxidant effects that gut health is encouraged.


Neofenol Starter is a liquid additive that can be directly applied orally to newborn piglets, lambs and calves. 

Low vitality, diarrhea, inadequate colostrum intake and energy deficiency in neonates can result in failure of thrive and potentially death. Neofenol Starter is developed to support these young animals. The active substances in Neofenol Starter stabilize the intestinal flora. In addition, the extra vitamin E contained in support of the immunity and it gives the animals an energy boost.

Scour/lamb scour


  • Piglets: 1 ml per day
  • Lambs: 2 ml per day
  • Calves: 5-8 ml per day

Duration: 1-3 days