Lifeline Pre-calver mineral 20kg bags

Lifeline Pre-calver mineral 20kg bags

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Ireland’s number 1 choice of pre-calver minerals as it the only product that boosts colostrum quality for the calf as well as looking after the needs of the cow.

  • Contains immune-boosting ingredients to stimulate the cow’s immune system
  • Patented to boost colostrum quality by 25%
  • Contains 100% protected hydroxy copper and zinc
  • Contains high levels of lactose, protected soya and a range of yeast products to improve calf vitality
  • Includes protected sources of copper and zinc which are more available to the animal
  • Particle size is bulky compared to others on the market – easy to spread across the silage so that all animals have good access


  • To be fed a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks prior to calving to achieve maximum results
  • 150g/head/day (Will feed approx. 10 cows for 14 days)
  • Available in 20kg bag
  • Costs just 14 cent/day

Lifeline Pre-calver Powder is a mineral powder designed with both calf and cow in mind. Lifeline Pre-calver Powder is fortified with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, to ensure that cows are in good health before calving. Studies indicate that Lifeline Pre-calver Powder can boost colostrum production by as much as 25%. Lifeline Pre-calver Powder also helps to boost the immune system of cow and calf, preventing the onset of post-calving health problems such as retained cleanings, milk fever, ketosis, poor dry matter intakes, poor quality colostrum, displaced abomasum, and fertility problems later on.