Lifeline Pre-calver 18kgs

Lifeline Pre-calver 18kgs

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Lifeline Precalver

The only pre-calver designed with the calf in mind as well as the cow.

Lifeline is Ireland’s number 1 choice of pre-calver as it the only product that boosts colostrum quality for the calf as well as meeting the cow’s mineral and vitamin needs around calving.

If minerals and vitamins are in short supply, the cow is at greater risk of post-calving health problems such as retained cleanings, milk fever, ketosis, poor dry matter intakes, poor quality colostrum, displaced abomasum, and fertility problems later on.

Avoid ill health and disease pre and post calving with the help of lifeline pre-calver.

  • Contains immune-boosting ingredients to stimulate the cow’s immune system.
  • Patented to boost colostrum quality by 25%
  • Contains 100% protected hydroxy copper and zinc
  • Provides the cow with a full range of macro and trace minerals
  • Includes protected sources of copper and zinc which are more available to the animal


  • 120 – 150g/head/day (1 x 18kg bucket will feed approx. 10 cows for 14 days)
  • Available in 18kg bucket
  • Costs approx. just 14 cent/day