Larocop 100ml

Larocop 100ml

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A sterile, blue aqueous, multidose suspension for injection containing Copper 20mg/ml as a copper methionate complex.

Larocop is indicated for the prevention and treatment of copper deficiency and clinical conditions associated with copper deficiency in cattle and sheep.

To maintain normal copper levels in lactating dairy cattle.

The dosage and frequency of therapy required upon the clinical condition and copper status of the animal as assessed by blood and liver levels, both before and after therapy and after consultation with a Veterinary Surgeon.

This is particularly relevant to sheep as certain breeds of sheep are sensitive to copper toxicity. The copper status on farms may change from year to year; it is therefore recommended that random samples of serum are periodically checked to see if the deficiency still exists. The suggested dose rate is 20 mg copper per 50 kg live weight - maximum 120 mg copper. The following is given as a guide to dosage.

  • Lambs : 0.5 ml
  • Ewes : 2 ml
  • Calves : 1-2 ml
  • Cows : 4-6 ml