Headstart Pre-calver

Headstart Pre-calver

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Optimising cow and calf health supporting:

✓  Easy calving

✓ Colostrum quality

✓ Cow and calf health

✓ Birth of healthy calves

✓ Production of good quality Colostrum for the calf

✓ Contains Iodex – Supporting Bioavailability of Iodine

Feeding Rate:

Recommended maximum feeding rate of 175g per head per day, 1 block per 10 cows every 10 days.


Christopher White farms on approximately 100 acres in Ring Commons, Ballbriggan, Co Dublin. On Farm Christopher farms a herd of approximately 35 suckler cows, a small number of PureBred Angus cattle and 100 breeding Ewes. Alongside these herds and breading ewes he also breeds pure-bred Simmental cattle as well as some cross-bred Commercial stock. As most of his herd is Pure-bred Simmental Christopher has won several awards and shows over the years.

Having such a large and diverse herd of cattle Christopher puts great emphasis on quality breeding, nutrition and animal health. The results of this are quite evident on the White farm in Co Dublin. Therefore, it is essential that each animal is provided with the correct nutrients to ensure the best results.

Inform Nutrition’s Liam Lacey met up with Christopher recently to discuss his use of Heastart Pre-calver. Christopher had many issues surrounding calving while he was dairy farming. He found his calf heifers to be very lazy and lethargic and ‘not going on about their business’. After carrying out some tests he discovered that his in-calf heifers were lacking in iodine which can result in poor fertility rates and weak calves. Having an iodine deficiency on farm attracted Christopher to the Inform Nutrition Headstart Pre-Calver buckets. This was due to its seaweed content and the inclusion of IodEx which is a protected source of iodine that helps bioavailability and absorption for the animal. This is exclusively available from Inform Nutrition. Christopher said his cattle’s response to IodEx ‘was phenomenal’.
Liam Lacey stated that “due to on-going iodine problems on farms, increasing legislation and consumer requirements regarding iodine levels in feed it has become a major focus for farmers to ensure cows have enough iodine available in their diet.”

With this in mind Christopher also began using Sweetlics Easi Mag Blocks along with Headstart Pre-Cavler buckets on farm. Christopher was very happy with the performance he received from using the Headstart buckets and has seen great results. He had 20 cows calve with no issues leaving the cows healthy, perfectly cleaned and back in heat quickly.
Liam Lacey added that “Headstart Pre-calver provides the ideal balance of bio-available nutrients for both the un-born calf and cow. Headstart is formulated to support the cow and calf in the latter parts of gestation, the cow at calving and to ensure the birth of healthy vigorous calves. This period greatly impacts the calf’s health survivability and long-term performance. Headstart also provides nutrients essential to production of good quality colostrum.”

Going forward Christopher will begin to use Headstart bags on his indoor spring calved cows while continuing to use the Headstart Pre-calver bucket on his outdoor Autumn calves as the blocks suit as a supplementation source.

Liam Lacey further added “Like many Headstart customers, Christopher has been using Headstart for a few years and is satisfied with the results that he has received and will continue to use this product in the future.”

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