Flectron Ear tags

Flectron Ear tags

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Flectron Fly Tags are for the control of flies on cattle. Pack contains 10 ear tags and fastening studs, each ear tag has 935mg of cypermethrin pyrethroid

For Whole Body Protection.


Benefits of Flectron Fly Tags

  • Effective up to 4 Months
  • Zero Withdrawal Period for Meat & Milk
  • Whole Body Protection

Directions For Fixing Flectron Fly Tags

Using the Allflex tagger, position the fixing stud between the blood vessels, in a central area of firm tissue, halfway between the head and tip of the ear. Apply as follows:

  1. Place the ear tag under the clip by depressing the lever.
  2. Slide the male button onto the pin until it projects through the tip.
  3. Always dip into disinfectant solution. This helps prevent spread of infection, assists application and promotes healing.
  4. Centre, then apply through the ear half way between ear tip and head, taking care to avoid confusion with other ear marks

This Product is only licensed for sale in the Republic of Ireland