Epromec pour-on 5L

Epromec pour-on 5L

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Epromec Pour-On is a pour-on wormer for dairy cows, containing eprinomectin with zero milk withdrawal.

With its oil-based formulation and easy dosage rate, Epromec provides convenient and persistent control against internal worms in cattle.

  • Zero milk-withdrawal
  • Eradicates lungworm, stomach worms and gut worms
  • Oil-based, pour-on formulation
  • Persistent activity against reinfection
  • 10ml/100kg dosage rate

Epromec Pour-On is a pour-on wormer specifically designed for dairy cows and beef cattle. It contains eprinomectin, which is the only active ingredient available with a zero milk withdrawal period, allowing for immediate consumption of milk from treated animals. Epromec comes in an oil-based formulation, making it convenient to apply as a pour-on treatment.


Key features of Epromec Pour-On:

  1. Active Ingredient: Epromec contains eprinomectin, which is effective against a range of internal parasites in cattle.

  2. Zero Milk Withdrawal: Epromec is unique in that it has no milk withdrawal period. This means that milk from treated cows can be safely consumed without any waiting period.

  3. Dosage Rate: The recommended dosage rate for Epromec is 10 ml of the product per 100 kg of body weight. This provides a simple and easy-to-follow dosing guideline.

  4. Application Method: Epromec Pour-On is administered topically by applying the product along the backline of the animal. It should be applied in a narrow strip extending from the withers (shoulders) to the trailhead.

  5. Accurate Dosing: It is important to determine the body weight of each animal as accurately as possible to ensure the correct dosage. Additionally, the dosing device's accuracy should be checked to ensure precise administration. If treating a group of animals collectively, they should be grouped according to their body weight and dosed accordingly to avoid under or overdosing. It is recommended to treat all animals within a group at the same time.

Withdrawal Periods:

  • Meat and Offal: Animals treated with Epromec Pour-On should be withheld from slaughter for 15 days before their meat or offal can be used for human consumption.
  • Milk: There is no withdrawal period for milk. Treated cows can produce milk immediately after treatment, and it can be consumed without any waiting period.

Please note that the information provided is based on the description you provided. It is essential to consult the product's label and follow the specific instructions and dosage guidelines provided by the manufacturer or seek advice from a veterinarian for accurate and tailored use of Epromec Pour-On for your dairy cows or beef cattle.

Active: Eprinomectin 5mg
Species: Cattle
Description: Pour on solution used to treat gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, warbles, mange mites, lice and horn flies in beef and dairy cattle.
Dose Rate: Cattle: 1ml/10kg
Meat Withdrawal Period: 15 days
Milk Withdrawal Period: Zero hours