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EASI TRACE provides stock with the correct daily dose of Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese and Multi-Vitamins in a once weekly application.

  • Each box will supplement 12½ Cattle for 8 weeks



Trace elements per tablet:

Iodine 420mg
Selenium 35mg
Cobalt 24.5mg
Copper 805mg
Zinc 399mg
Manganese 497mg


Average Daily Trace Element Yield:

  Easi Trace

Market Leading

Bolus Product 1

Market Leading

Bolus Product 2

Iodine 60mg 19.4mg 19mg
Selenium 5mg 2.7mg 2.75mg
Cobalt 3.5mg 2.8mg 2.75mg
Copper 115mg 177mg 0mg
Zinc 57mg 145mg 0mg
Manganese 71mg 90.2mg 0mg


Features & Benefits

  • Continuous Trace Element Release.
  • Accurate Dose and Quick Response.
  • Simple to use and Highly Effective.
  • Contains Multi Vitamins & Amino Acids.
  • Minimal Labour
  • No Animal Handling.
  • Bolus Alternative.

Application Guidelines

Cows 2 Tablets per cow per week

Simply place the tablets inside the net dispenser provided and hang inside the drinking trough.

If there is more than one drinking trough / bowl, simply divide the number of tablets between the number of drinking troughs.