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Dectomax Inj

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Dectomax Injection is used for the treatment and control of internal parasites such as gastro-intestinal round worms and lungworm and external parasites such as mites, lice and ticks in sheep, cattle and pigs. It also works as an effective preventative and cure for Scab. Dectomax Injection can be given to sheep via Intramuscular injection making it quick and easy to administer compared to other injections.

Active Ingredient: Doremectin

Target Species: Sheep, cattle and pigs

Treats and Controls: Gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, lice, mange mites and ticks in cattle, gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, mange mites and nasal bots in sheep

Administration Method: Subcutaneous injection (under the skin) for cattle, Intramuscular injection (directly into muscle) for sheep

Withdrawal Time: 70 days for animals intended for meat and offal, not permitted for use on animals producing milk for human consumption.

SHEEP: 1ml per 50kg (200mcg/kg) bodyweight, administered in the region of the neck by intramuscular injection.

Dosage for cattle: 1ml per 50 kg of bodyweight 

Body Weight Dose Volume Number of full doses per pack:
50ml 200ml 500ml
50kg 1 ml 50 200 500
100kg 2 ml 25 100 250
150kg 3 ml 16 66 166
200kg 4 ml 12 50 125
250kg 5 ml 10 40 100
300kg 6 ml 8 33 83
350kg 7 ml 7 28 71
400kg 8 ml 6 25 62
450kg 9 ml 5 22 55
500kg 10 ml 5 20 50
550kg 11 ml 4 18 45
600kg 12 ml 4 16 41