Dairy capsules (20 boluses/10 cow box)

Dairy capsules (20 boluses/10 cow box)

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Formulated using state of the art mineral & vitamin technology

IOMLÁN Dairy Capsules  

  • A chelated mineral and vitamin drench in a gelatine capsule.
  • Boluses currently on the market have at best, 4-5 minerals with 1-2 vitamins.
  • IOMLÁN Cattle Capsules have the full spec of minerals and vitamins to complement the minerals.
  • Capsules dissolve quickly in the rumen, and are stored in the liver and other organs.
  • Elements being utilised over a period of 3-4 months.
  • More trace elements are made available at a time when the animal’s requirements are above just maintenance.

To maximise the impact of trace element and vitamin supplementation it is important to intervene in advance of key stages of the production cycle.

  • Improved immunity/health.
  • Improved fertility.
  • Increased feed conversion efficiency and production.
  • Reduced incidence of digestive upsets or scours.
  • Outstanding coat condition or bloom.
  • Correct body condition score.
  • Reduced calf mortality.
  • Greater resistance to parasite infection.
  • Increased feed conversion efficiency and daily live weight gain.
  • Reduced incidence of digestive upsets or scours.


  • Enhanced levels of Zinc and Biotin. (Improves hoof structure and strength and help skin conditions)
  • High Selenium and vitamin E. (Boosts the immune system for disease resistance)
  • Optimum levels of Iodine and Copper. (Helps with fertility and growth rates)
  • Capsule dissolves in the rumen, therefore no regurgitation or passing through the dung.
  • High levels of Cobalt and Vitamin B12, B6 and B1.
  • Vitamin A and D3 for wetter calves, milk production and skeletal development.
  • Chelated trace elements & vitamins.


  • Dairy cows: 2 capsules at first service or drying off.
  • Pre-calving heifers: 2 capsules 4-6 weeks pre-calving.
  • Yearlings at housing and/or turnout: 1-2 capsules.
  • Stock bulls: 2 capsules 4 month intervals.
  • 1 box contains 20 x 24g capsules.