Brinibol Vital Trace  8 (20 boluses/10 cows)

Brinibol Vital Trace 8 (20 boluses/10 cows)

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Brinibol Vital Trace  8

Gold standard bolus providing up to 8 months [240 days] supplementation of 6 essential trace elements & 3 vitamins  

  • Single construction, single point erosion technology Provides a sustained release of 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins for up to 240 days (8 months)
  • Twin resin coating Unique design of rigid skin ensures single end erosion. This prevents inconsistent breakdown, providing a consistent supply of nutrients for up to 240 days
  • Dual boluses Interacting within the reticulum, initiating bolus breakdown and release of nutrients sustainably
  • Inert weight Anchors dual boluses inside the reticulum of the animal to reduce the risk of regurgitation. Once the active life of the boluses end, they completely disperses leaving no residue
  • Formulated for grazing or forage fed cattle To help farmers manage the trace element and vitamin status of their herd
  • Tried & tested bolus technology Gold standard original manufacturer & inventor of the rumen bolus has over 30 years of research, development and success on farm
  • Wax protection cap The cap covers the single point erosion to ensure the bolus doesn’t start working until in enters the animals reticulum
  • Single application Reduce unnecessary stress by using our recommended bolus gun, where both boluses can be administered at the same time
  • Balanced matrix of 6 trace elements & 3 vitamins High levels of Iodine, Copper, Selenium, Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese as well as Vitamin E, A and D3
  • Copper, Selenium and Vitamin E Aids muscle development to support growth and performance as well as overall coat condition
  • Vital Iodine Supports a healthy immune system to maximise production and performance potential
  • Essential Cobalt Supports the upsurge of Vitamin B12 production to provide extra energy for production and performance
  • Two source Zinc Optimises hoof hair and hide health






Cattle with a functional rumen >150kg live weight

Two BriniBol™ Vital Trace 8 boluses per animal.

Analysis per kg:

  • Copper 204,465 mg
  • Zinc 171,793mg
  • Iodine 7,874mg
  • Cobalt 3,298 mg
  • Selenium 3,926mg
  • Manganese 103,215 mg
  • Vit A 7,097,775 iu
  • Vit D3 1,419,555 iu
  • Vit E  15,342iu

Avg. daily supply:

  • Copper 134.60 mg
  • Zinc 113.10 mg
  • Iodine 5.20mg
  • Cobalt 2.20 mg
  • Selenium 2.60 mg
  • Manganese 67.90 mg
  • Vit A 4,673 iu
  • Vit D3 935 iu
  • Vit E 12.60 iu

Feed Advice:

BriniBol™ Vital Trace 8 is a dietetic complementary feedstuff to support the reduction of the risk of nutritional imbalances in grazing and forage fed cattle. Before use it is recommended to seek the advice of your farm nutritionist or veterinarian on the balance of trace elements in the daily ration and the trace element status of your herd. BriniBol™ Vital Trace 8 provides a sustained release of high levels of six trace elements and three vitamins from a unique single point erosion technology giving up to 240 days [8 months] supplementation. Always use a BriniBol™ approved applicator.

Unit Size: 20 x 107gBolus 10 COW SUPPLY

Net Weight:2.14kg