Allguard Calf Bolus 24's

Allguard Calf Bolus 24's

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  • ALL GUARD CALF is used to counter the effects of trace element deficiencies and to provide the crucial nutrients for the optimum growth and thrive in young stock.



    Trace element per Bolus:

    Copper Oxide 8,000mg
    Iodine 500mg
    Selenium 100mg
    Cobalt 200mg


    • Lasts up to 6 months
    • Slow Release Technology
    • Single bolus application



    Calves over 12 weeks 1 Bolus


    To be administered orally by means of a balling gun.


    Not to be given to calves under 12 weeks of age.


    Avoid simultaneous use of other sources of Trace Elements. Before use seek advice from a Veterinarian or Nutritional Specialist.